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School History

School History

One room log building located in Allendale, now known as Quitman.  Destroyed by fire.
1st school house Mid 1800's -1903

One room log building located in Allendale, now known as Quitman.  Destroyed by fire.

James Houston Davis

Photo: “Singing School on the Hill” - 1913


Second School: 1904 - 1919
Framed Building, known as “the School on the Hill”, located at the present site of Quitman Baptist Church.
This school had 4 rooms and due to the population growth, classes had to also be held in the local churches. This population growth led to the building of the third school.


James Houston Davis

Attended: “School on the Hill”

Born: September 11, 1899 near Beech Springs, Louisiana
Political Affiliation: Democrat
Religious Affiliation: Baptist
Education: Louisiana College and LSU
Career Prior to Term: Member of Public Service Commission; country/western and gospel singer.
How He Became Governor: Elected in 1944 and in 1960.
Career after Term: Continued writing music and performing.
Died: November 5, 2000 at his home in Baton Rouge. Buried at the Jimmie Davis Tabernacle Cemetery in Jonesboro, LA


Famous for the Song:
“You Are My Sunshine”
This song is one of the Official Songs for the State of Louisiana

Third school- taken in 1923

Third School  1920 - 1953
Three-story brick building, located on the school’s present site, was destroyed by a tornado. Building was demolished and removed. 

Fourth school - 1954
Fourth school - Present

Fourth School: 1954 - present
A one-story classroom building was built. Through the years, many new buildings were added to accommodate population growth and the changing times of technology. QHS continues to have a strong voice in the economic world.

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